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Protective film is useless?

For the film, its material, quality, and functional characteristics are also different. However, even though they are very different, they all have something in common. They have anti-scratch effects on the screen. 

Tablets need a screen protector, which I always agree with. Although many users feel that the film is a bit redundant, it is an indisputable fact that large screens are easily scratched inadvertently in actual use.However, the film should not stop at scratch resistance and wear resistance. Because a little care in daily use can avoid accidents. And the film that only plays the most basic role of protecting the flat screen is not a good film, because when they encounter G+G tempered glass or glass panels, they are even dispensable.
In the daily use of the tablet, you should also find that the prevention effect of the tablet screen against fingerprint intrusion and stranger peeping is almost zero, so it is very necessary for the tablet with different material screens to have some functional characteristics.

Choose the right protective film

As the name suggests, Paperfeel is a film that simulates the touch and friction of paper, making the writing experience on the screen close to real paper.

We know that the surface of films like tempered high-definition films is very slippery, and writing on them with a stylus is actually very inconvenient. This is because these films have extremely low resistance.

The paperfeel film is aimed at this problem, and technically realizes the friction coefficient and writing vibration frequency of paper and pencil. Simply put, it increases the friction, so that when you write with a stylus, you have a touch of writing on the paper, and it will make a little rustling sound.
Therefore, paperfeel is more writeable than ordinary films, which improves the writing efficiency of iPad. For friends who write and draw on the iPad for a long time every day, it is still necessary to change a paperfeel film. Responsive, writing is not easy to break, and painting can be more delicate.
If the main force is users who draw, study, and take notes, paper-like films are the best choice. If you usually play games in entertainment and office, then choosing tempered film is a better choice.