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Paperfeel brand was born in 2020 and belongs to the independent project of BERSEM's sub-brands.

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We has adhered to development concept of “high quality”, “innovative” and “responsible”, committed to providing high-quality and better designed screen protector for our customers from all over the world.

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Vine Customer Review of Free Product ★★★★★
Top 1000  reviewervine voice【V. Hutson】
Top 1000 reviewervine voice【V. Hutson】
As an artist I've always disliked the too slick feel of the iPad screen.
I heard about this"paper-like" protector a year ago--but only now decided to try it.
The directions are challenging to follow so I looked up installations videos on YouTube and found several of them.
 After that installation was easy.
I do like the new feel of the screen when I'm drawing with the Apple pencil.
It doesn't feel exactly like drawing on paper--but it is a lot better than the slick feel of the screen.
Top 1000  reviewervine voice【GA Reviewer】
Top 1000 reviewervine voice【GA Reviewer】
This is a great deal and very useful.
Fit our large sized iPad Pro.
Shortly after installing this we actually had an iPad dropped on tile accident.
The screen ended up with a minor crack but we were able to still use the iPad longer because the cover protected the crack from being sharp to the touch or an issue at all other than aesthetic.
Top 500  reviewervine voice【CoCo's Mom】
Top 500 reviewervine voice【CoCo's Mom】
I use a screen cover like this on my iPad.
It allows my Apple pencil to work exceptionally well and I don't have to be concerned with any scratching on the screen.
If you like drawing or writing on your iPad, this is the way to go - especially with the Apple pencil.
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