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Blue light

What is blue light?【Blu-ray (high-energy shortwave blu-ray)】

Short-wave blue light is light with a relatively ray energy wavelength between 400nm and 480nm. Blue light in this wavelength will increase the amount of toxins in the macular area of the eye, which seriously threatens the health of our eye fundus.Blue light induces blindness, and the most effective solution is to apply a film to the screen. The anti-blue light film technology is very mature, and the cost is very low, which can effectively prevent blue light from penetrating.
Here, it is particularly pointed out that blue light is not all harmful blue light.The really harmful blue light is the blue light within the wavelength range of 400 to 450, and the blue light between 480 to 500 nanometers has the effect of adjusting the biological circadian. Sleep, mood, memory, etc. are all related to it. It is beneficial to the human body. And whether short-wave blue light will definitely cause harm to the human eyes, this is related to the irradiation intensity and the irradiation time. When the illuminance reaches a certain level and lasts for more than two hours, it may damage the retina.  

primary origin
  1. Natural blue light. Why do you think the sky is blue? Well, of course it’s because of the blue light. If you think about it, the sun is red but on our planet the sunlight is seen with a blue or light blue color. That’s because when sunlight travels through the atmosphere, blue wavelengths collide with air molecules resulting in the blue light of the sky. Natural blue light is very useful to: regulate your sleep and wake cycle, elevate moods, raise the feeling of well being, help memory and cognitive function, augment alertness and boost reaction times.
  2. Artificial blue light. Other than from the sun, blue light is emitted by electronic devices, such as tablets, smartphones, personal computers and TVs. Also fluorescent bulbs and LED lights are artificial sources of blue light. Artificial blue light can cause a disruption in the natural sleep and wake cycle, as well as eye strain and fatigue overtime.

The Science Behind Papeerfeel's Anti Blue-light protection film

※ Adopt imported optical grade PET and adhesive to keep the material stable.
※ Silicone adhesive layer has the ability to adsorb the screen glass, paste the screen printing 3-5μm glass exhaust clean,no colorful points and rainbow lines .
※ Effectively block ultraviolet and blue light, in order to achieve real anti-myopia effect.
product mix: [Use layer thickness190±15μm ]
Release liner 50±3μm
OCA 100±5µm
Blue ray PET 55±3μm
Si 35±5μm
PET 50±3µm
Optical properties:
Test items test category Test standard Result
Optical properties light transmittance
JIS K7361
The fog test
JIS K7136
UV-blocking rate AOI ≥90%
Blue-ray value
● Important tip: the above only reference value, non-guaranteed value!